What is TRY and USY High all about? Watch as our alumni show you the country, tell you about their experiences, and describe how a semester in Israel with Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim changed their lives. Then apply, so you can change yours!

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Humans of Yerushalayim

This year, inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York (HONY) project, TRY students interviewed and photographed dozens of Jerusalemites, with the one simple goal of hearing and learning their stories.


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Another thankful TRYer!

There are many things Shari Boiskin is grateful to TRY for, and one of them is the opportunity it gave her to pursue an internship with The Times of Israel in Jerusalem. Now back at home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Shari is furthering her passion for journalism as the opinion editor for her public high school's newspaper.

Several months after returning from Israel, Shari published a blog post in The Times of Israel about her TRY experience last spring. She wrote about how nervous she initially was about doing the program, about how she doubted that she could handle being away from home for so long as a high school sophomore. When she looked back on things, she realized just how much she had grown.

"By the time I left Israel on June 1...I did not want to leave. I could be away from everything I knew for four months. I could live in another country. I could make new friends. I could do it," she wrote.

Shari also wrote about how TRY's Israel Core Course (ICC) changed her perspective.

"The more I learned about Jewish history, the more of a Zionist I became. At first, I treated ICC as just another history course, like I was learning about some far distant event that doesn't affect me. However, ICC changed how I saw the world. I began to see things through a more Jewish lens," she wrote in the blog post.

Shari's learning of Jewish history also happened when she met family members she had not previously known while she was in Israel on TRY. She learned a lot from the personal stories told to her by those who are Holocaust survivors and immigrated to pre-state Israel.

Finally, Shari is thankful to her parents for their agreeing to send her on TRY. She let them know just how grateful she was in a message she wrote inside a Hanukkah card she gave them shortly before she flew to Israel last winter.
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TRY is feeling the Thanksgiving spirit and has many alumni to thank for sharing with us what TRY has done for them and why they are thankful for their experience! See why Sarah Sheinkopf loves TRY! #TRYtuesday

Sarah Sheinkopf has TRY to thank for setting her on the career path she intends to pursue next year when she returns to the United States from Israel, where she is currently participating in the Kivunim gap year program. Sarah plans on studying Jewish education at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania and eventually becoming a special education teacher in a Jewish day school.

"After returning from my TRY semester in the spring of 2013, I worked that summer at Camp Ramah in Nyack, New York. It's only because of my TRY and Ramah experiences that I decided to pursue Jewish education as a profession," she says.

Sarah, who is from New York City, is also certain that she would not have chosen to do a gap year in Israel had she not gone on TRY. The program gave her a real boost in confidence.

"I have learning disabilities, but I did really well on TRY. The environment was so supportive. I felt supported both by the educators and my peers," she says. "I loved being able to be in a Jewish environment and to learn Hebrew, and I've come back to Israel again this year for more of that."
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