Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses and exams are offered in accordance with the standards of The College Board. All AP exams can be taken at the Ramah Jerusalem High School, and any students who are taking an AP course can be accommodated by our faculty with advance notice.

If enrollment is too small for a full class, AP courses may be offered either as a private or semi-private tutorial at an additional expense. AP classes with full enrollment (min. 3 students) take place 3-4 times per week. Under-enrolled classes take place 3 times per week. Additional study sessions may be scheduled before the AP exams (extra fee may apply).

Although we have a large reference library with review books for most exams, many students prefer to bring a review book from home. In some cases, we will require a specific review book, and in some cases, we will contact you regarding bringing a textbook. AP classes are designed to cover material that will be presented in the AP examinations in May.

In most years, AP US History and AP English Language have full enrollment. Often, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature, AP World History, and AP Biology have full enrollment. Other AP classes may be under-enrolled, and therefore offered as tutorials, though this changes from year to year. We can offer AP Music Theory and AP Computer Science on an as-needed basis.

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