כ״ד בשבט ה׳תשע״ז (February 20, 2017) At The Kotel

Our arms linked together, our hands squeezing each other’s tight, and with tears welling up in our eyes, we gazed at the Kotel for the first time since our arrival in Israel two weeks earlier.

My friend, whom I had only known for two weeks, had mentioned to me that this was her first time at this incredible place connected to our faith. Knowing how special this moment was for her, I took her hand and didn’t let go. I remembered my own first experience at the Kotel just seven months earlier with my best friends at my side, how the feelings rushed through my body. I began feeling it all over again and became overwhelmed with emotion.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked around at my mishpacha, my TRY family, standing around me about to have our first experience together at the Kotel. We slowly began walking toward the wall, and my excitement grew. We finally reached it and I patiently waited for a spot to open up. As a space opened up, I eagerly motioned to my first-timer friend to go have her first moments at the wall. By the time a space opened up for me, tears were streaming down my face. Then for the second time in my life, I was touching the pinnacle of my faith and my closest connection to G-d. As I pushed both hands upon the wall and rested my forehead to it, I could feel the indents, the cold stone, and the spirit of Judaism rushing through me. My mind, body, and soul felt connected and at peace with everything. I prayed, I thanked, I thought.

Being at the Kotel is an indescribable experience. My main thought after stepping away from the wall was that my beliefs, faith, and time commitment to Judaism were all incredibly validated.


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