The Dormitories — מגורים

Gefen Dorm

Life at the Chava bears a strong similarity to dorm life in college, but in a smaller, more secure environment appropriate for high school students. Students on TRY live in one of two dorms, both of which are a short walk to the classrooms, the administration building, and the dining hall. Both dorms are set up similarly, with a number of rooms, a kitchenette area with a communal refrigerator, and a student lounge, and each dorm room is designed for up to four students, who also share a bathroom.

Rimon Dorm

The madrichim (counselors) live in the dorms as well, and they become a regular part of the students’ lives, dispensing advice on everything from upcoming tiyulim and life in Israel to where to find the best burger. Together, the madrichim and students create a “haimish” atmosphere–filling the communal fridge with food and decorating the dorm walls–so that the rooms and dorms truly become the students’ home in Jerusalem for the course of the program.