General Studies Faculty


  • Yael Harari holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Adolescent English Education from Teachers College Columbia University. She has over ten years experience of teaching English in Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School, Manhattan High School for Girls, and Ramaz Upper School. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three boys.
  • Rabbi Chaim Kornberg has been living in Israel since 1979. He received his general education from the University of Toronto and Toronto Teachers’ College, and his Jewish education in yeshivas in Canada and in Israel . He is a veteran teacher of both Judaics and English Literature, and is recognized in both areas of study as a knowledgeable educator whose teaching style creates a very positive learning atmosphere. He is known for his very clear explanations, and especially for his ability to clarify complex ideas in simple ways which are accessible to all students.

Social Studies Department

  • Scott Kuperberg teaches social studies, including United States History, World History, U.S. Government, and also Economics and Accounting. Scott is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and prior to making aliyah to Israel in 2014, lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott was (and still is) a practicing attorney. He has published dozens of articles on business management and consumer finance. In December 2015, he published his first book titled, “Understanding Consumer Bankruptcy: A Guide for Businesses, Managers, and Creditors” with Business Expert Press. Aside from teaching high school, Scott teaches professional seminars for attorneys, real estate brokers, property managers, and accountants. He also taught a weekly Torah class at his congregation in Atlanta. Scott has a BA in History from Brooklyn College, and received a JD from Syracuse University where he did Masters work in history at the prestigious Maxwell School of Public Citizenship. Scott lives with his wife and two children in Jerusalem.
  • Sam Markowitz hails from New York where he studied and taught computer science. Here in Israel, he has continued to teach while working in the high tech sector. Sam is also an accomplished woodworker and has a custom judaica business.
  • Terrance Mintner teaches World, European and U.S. history. He holds a PhD in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in International Relations from Edgewood College. Aside from history, he holds graduate minors in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. Terrance was awarded several grants to conduct his dissertation research in Venice, Italy.
  • Diana Rosenfelder
  • Chevy Weiss was born in Jerusalem, and grew up in Baltimore where she worked in politics for over 10 years and taught at a community college. Upon moving back to Israel in 1998, Chevy continued to consult on U.S. political campaigns. She has taught various AP classes at Ramah for several years. As the proud mother of 5 daughters (ages 7-16) and a former Youth Advisor at a Maryland synagogue, Chevy enjoys working with teens.

Foreign Language Department

  • Dalit Avnon teaches American Sign Language. Dalit taught TRY many years ago and we are happy to have her back. She is proficient in both American Sign Language and Israeli Sign Language. Dalit teaches in a number of schools and institutions in Jerusalem.
  • Terrance Mintner teaches Italian. He holds a PhD in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in International Relations from Edgewood College. Aside from history, he holds graduate minors in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. Terrance was awarded several grants to conduct his dissertation research in Venice, Italy.
  • Layla Schwartz is excited to be teaching Spanish at Ramah. She earned her Master of Education degree in 2010 from John Carroll University near Cleveland while completing her student teaching at a Cleveland area high school. She has taught all levels of Spanish to students of all ages at several very different school districts. During the 2013-14 school year, Layla served as a Masa volunteer and taught English in a middle school in Rehovot. Since making Aliyah in 2014, she has worked as a private English and Spanish tutor, freelance writer, and been active in the Jerusalem Anglo theater scene, serving as both an actor and a director at J-Town Playhouse, housed in the Association for Americans and Canadians in Israel. Layla is a native of Chicagoland and a proud graduate of Lawrence University where she earned degrees in Spanish and Theater.
  • Dr. Liliane Stein was born in France and began her academic studies in Paris, where she earned a MA in 1984. After living and studying in Montreal for 10 years, she received her doctorate in French Studies from Montreal University in 1996. She made aliyah that same year with her 3 children, and has been a part of the Ramah team since February 2001.

Math Department

  • Jocelyn Block holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering and a BA in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University. She spent years in laboratories developing new imaging modalities relating to biomedical optics in addition to teaching various types of mathematics, sciences, and Jewish subjects in informal contexts. This coming year will be her second year at Ramah, and she is very excited to work with her new incoming students. Jocelyn is blessed to live with her husband and son in Jerusalem.
  • Barak Moore 
  • Elaine Steinberg, made aliyah with her family 4 years ago. She taught in both public and private schools in NYC. She lives in Bet Shemesh with her husband and three children, and she is happy to be teaching at TRY once again this year. Elaine has over ten years of experience teaching and tutoring middle school, high school, and college students.
  • Rose Wolfeld has taught high school mathematics for 35 years and is certified in the states of Pennsylvania and Texas.  She made aliyah from Philadelphia with her husband.

Science Department

  • Dalia Freilich made Aliya with her family in August 2015 and lives with her family in Bet Shemesh. She completed a degree in biomedical science and then a teachers’ degree in science. She has taught science for several years in different high schools specialising in biology and chemistry. She is excited to join the TRY faculty.
  • Sydney Taksar teaches a unique mix of Science and Social Sciences, which reflects her diverse educational and professional background. From the University of California, she holds BAs in Legal Studies and Psychology (Cognitive Research); MA in Elementary & Secondary Teaching; and professional credentials. Prior to aliyah in 2011, she taught for the Division of Social Sciences at UC S.Cruz, as well as in secondary schools in her native Southern California. Her research work spans from marine biology to law. Passionate about her subject matter, she is pleased to be a member of this semester’s TRY staff.
  • Meira Yan, originally from Ottawa, Canada, is a Science, Special Education, and Physical and Health Education teacher at the secondary and elementary level. She holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University as well as a Masters of Education from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prior to moving to Israel, Meira taught at the high school and elementary level in Canada and at an international school in southern India. This is Meira’s fifth year with TRY and she is pleased to be part of the Ramah team.
  • Dr. Yeshayahu Ya’akovi (Jacobs) holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Radiation Chemistry and Radiation Biology from the University of Manchester, England, as well as a first degree in Pharmacy. He has been teaching at Ramah since 1999 and teaches Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

    Yeshayahu serves as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry in drug development, and lectures both in Israel and abroad to pharmaceutical industry forums, as well as being an external lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published more than seventy scientific publications and he serves on a number of government committees. Yeshayahu, with his wife, made Aliyah in 1974. He is a captain (retired) in the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces.


Hebrew & Judaic Studies Department

  • Rinat Armon has been teaching Hebrew for 19 years at the Hebrew University, Young Judea in Israel, the Jewish Agency in Hungary and Israel, the Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad, and for the past two years has been the Hebrew Language Coordinator for TRY. She has taught students of all levels and backgrounds. In addition to her work on TRY, Rinat coordinates the Hebrew programming for all of Ramah Israel, including Seminar.
  • Shira Hochstein was born and raised in Jerusalem. After receiving her B.A. in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-Ilan University and her M.A. in Anthropology at the Hebrew University, Shira went on to receive several teaching diplomas, the primary one for teaching Hebrew as a second language. She has been a Hebrew teacher for over 20 years, and has taught in elementary and high schools, as well as at the university level at the Rothberg International School for overseas students of the Hebrew University. She also spent several years teaching overseas in high schools in Toronto and New York. Shira communicates high expectations with positive energy and enthusiasm. She spices up her lessons by introducing up-to-date songs, slang, and other contemporary Israeli pop-cultural that bring Israel and Hebrew closer to the students. She loves cooking, hosting and traveling, as well as photography.
  • Smadar Neve Magen was born and raised in Jerusalem. After she finished high school, she went to the army and worked with at-risk youth. She has several years of working experience within the area of experimental education. She holds a Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and Humanities and did her Hebrew teacher certificate at the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Besides working at Ramah Smadar is currently also working as a Hebrew teacher at Young Judaea. One of her greatest joys in teaching Hebrew is, with all the enthusiasm she has for this language, to pass it on to her students and see the progress they make and to accompany them on a part of their way. Her interest in language does not only concern teaching but also acquiring a language, so she recently started to learn German. She lives with her partner and their dog in Jerusalem.
  • Rabbi Chaim Kornberg Rabbinics/Talmud  (See above for bio)


  • Julie Frisch – Piano
  • Shoshana Rosenfelder Madsen – Visual Arts

On-Line Courses

  • Aryeh Eisenberg (On-Line Coordinator)
  • Sharon Bodzin – AP Environmental Science
  • Dr. Lisa Cave-Levy – AP Human Geo
  • Levi Frolich –  AP Physics
  • Sherry Kisos – Latin

Resource Room

  • Rachel Goldberg, Learning Specialist. Rachel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University in both Near Eastern Judaic Studies and Sociology. After a year of graduate school at The New School for Social Research in New York, Rachel studied in Jerusalem at the Pardes Institute for four years, while also learning at Matan and Yakar’s Women’s Beit Midrash Program. Her teaching experience includes Judaic Studies at the Oakland California Hebrew Day School and Jewish Environmental Studies for The Endangered Spirits Outward Bound Program in Northern California. She was a lecturer for Hebrew University’s Florence Melton Adult Mini-School in Richmond, Virginia for four years. Six years ago, Rachel, her husband, and their three children made aliyah. Since being in Israel she has taught for the World Union of Jewish Students and Young Judaea’s Year Course. Last year she joined the TRY team as the Learning Specialist and Academic Liaison, and loves being part of the Ramah family!


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