Family Visits

Guidelines for Family Visits – Spring 2020

Parents/guardians are welcome to visit their children during the TRY program. Ramah Israel offers a TRY Family trip which is specifically geared to exposing our students families (all ages) to Israel programming in the spirit of Ramah’s educational approach. The dates for the TRY Family trip are April 14-17, 2020, information can be found on our website (

  1. Parents/guardians are asked to inform the administration in advance of any visit. All visits that remove students from the regular program must be approved by and coordinated with the TRY D
  2. As a rule, family visits should not take place during the first two weeks (January 27-February 10) or the last two weeks of the program (May 17-31).
  3. Students may not miss classes during the last two academic weeks except in extraordinary circumstances.
  4. Students may miss up to two days of classes to spend time with their parents/guardians. These days may not include exam days or ICC field trips.
  5. Students are responsible for all work, material, and/or exams missed as a result of any time off. Teachers will continue with regular lesson plans and testing schedules.
  6. Parents/guardians should not schedule time with their child at these times:

January 27 – February 7, First two weeks

February 13-15, Masada tiyul & Shabbat Yachad

February 26 – March 1, Kibbutz Ketura

                                       March 16-18, Midterms

                                       March 25-31, Poland

                                       April 14-16, Pesach Tiyul

                                       April 19-24, Gadna & ICC

                                       April 27-29,  Yom Hazikaron & Yom Ha’atzmaut

                                       May 1-2, Shabbat Yachad Tzfat

                                       May 17-May 31, Last two weeks of program                                                     

  1. Many families visit around the Pesach holiday. Please take note that Ramah has arranged for 6 consecutive free nights off of the program during the beginning of the Pesach holiday. Our TRY Family trip begins on April 14. The last few days of Pesach are reserved for a very special tiyul and the conclusion of the Chag as group time. We ask families to understand that those days are integral to the TRY experience and therefore are not free days for family visits unless you are part of the Family Trip.
  2. For all family visits (on your own or with the TRY Family trip) please consider that – in addition to the fun surrounding a parent/guardian visit – some students can become very homesick during or following a visit. Please bear in mind that there will be other students who were not visited by their families who may feel sad during or following their peer’s family visit. From our experience, visiting families often try to include friends if possible, i.e., invite a friend to join you for dinner.
  1. Sometimes, parents/guardians like to join their children on part of a TRY tiyul (educational day trip) or sit in on classes. We would be happy to help coordinate this when possible. Please be in touch with our Family Liaison, Nicole Dror,

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