Medical — ביטוח וטיפול רפואי

All participants are fully covered for medical care, including doctors’ visits, medications, x-rays, and hospitalization. This coverage extends from the time of arrival in Israel until the end of the TRY program, but does not cover diseases, illnesses, or medical problems resulting from pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, or self-inflicted injuries.

The TRY staff will ensure that all students receive the medical treatment recommended or prescribed by our health care professionals. A doctor comes to our campus approximately once a week or as needed; as needed, we make appointments in nearby medical centers. Counselors accompany students to all medical appointments or tests.

The medical coverage does not include dental, orthodontic, optical, or psychological care. However, Ramah staff will facilitate such appointments if needed, at the participant’s expense. We recommend a complete dental check-up before departure for Israel.