Other Classes

Physical Education (five credit hours per week):
Students participate in strenuous field trips each week and several longer hiking tours throughout the semester. They also participate in an intensive para-military experience and a desert survival week. Students have access to a variety of recreational activities, which include basketball, tennis, soccer, swimming, free weights, and aerobics.

Health (five credit hours per week):
Health can be offered as a private or semi-private tutorial, as needed. In most cases, the student meets with a tutor once or twice weekly and works independently. Students must bring a textbook.

Fine Arts (two-five credit hours)

Music Lessons Private lessons can be arranged. Students should bring their instruments to Israel with them, though rentals of flutes and violins can usually be arranged for an additional fee. Students have access to an electric piano, but should bring headphones.

AP Music Theory, AP Computer Science, AP Art History, and AP Studio Art courses, as well as others, can be arranged.

Dance. Students who are interested in continuing modern dance or ballet lessons may do so at a number of local dance studios. Students should bring dance gear with them. There is an additional fee, paid directly to the studio.

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