Payoneer Debit Card

We provide a special arrangement with a personal expense debit card through a company called Payoneer. We recommended that you utilize this banking system for your personal expenses in Israel. You can add funds as needed and monitor the account via the internet. Ramah has arranged for few fees on this debit card. This system eliminates the hassle of exchanging travelers’ checks or using the local banks and money changers. Students will be able to use their card at any ATM in the country and almost all stores and food establishments. Further, Ramah has arranged to be able to immediately replace any lost Payoneer card free of charge. The Payoneer card does not work in Poland.

It does take 4-6 weeks to deliver, so please sign up shortly.

ATMs are located all over Israel and many of them accept international cards. Credit cards can also be used in most commercial outlets. (Please note that Ramah does not take responsibility for loss or theft of cash, travelers’ checks or credit cards.)
If you are interested in signing up for a Payoneer card, please click here.

The card activation fee is $5.

The private load fee is 3% of the load amount.

No fees for ATM transactions.

No fees for card maintenance