The San Simon Neighborhood — שכונת סן סימון

The Chava is situated in the San Simon neighborhood, which has particular historical significance, being the site of a key battle of the 1948 War of Independence. In 1860 the main feature of this neighborhood was the San Simon (Saint Simon) monastery. With the outbreak of the War of Independence in 1948, David Ben Gurion decided to put effort into building up Jerusalem and San Simon, as a strategic high point, connected many neighborhoods. In April, 1948 the young Israeli state won in the battle of San Simon. Today, Jews from all different backgrounds who are both religious and secular live in San Simon. Living in the San Simon neighborhood gives students a taste of a typical Jerusalem neighborhood.

The neighborhood hosts many synagogues, as well as a small commercial center, comprising a supermarket, a hairdresser, a bakery, a falafel shop, a corner store, a money change shop, and a branch of Bank Leumi.

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