The Tutorial System / Under-enrolled Courses

Although we offer every course, since we are a small school with a diverse and varying student body, some courses might not be fully enrolled. Students may take any offered course, whether it is fully or under-enrolled. Depending on the needs of the student body, the actual courses, by definition, vary from year to year. While we provide for the academic requirements of our students, there may be additional fees involved.

All students will be able to enroll in all of the classes they need. These classes have a minimum enrollment of three students. In some cases, students need to take courses that are under-enrolled (one or two students). There is no limit to the number of classes students may take; if the classes are all fully enrolled, no additional charges will be assessed.

Under-enrolled courses (fewer than three students) may have an additional fee. Most under-enrolled courses meet twice weekly (with additional independent study time), though some courses will need to meet at least three times per week. AP Courses and some Regents courses, if under-enrolled, will almost always need to meet three times per week.

It is recommended that most students take no more than five General Studies classes, and, of those classes, that no more than two be at an AP level.

Sometimes students may opt to take an Independent Study in lieu of an under-enrolled or private tutorial class. There is no charge for an Independent Study, but there is also no supervision on the part of the TRY Administration. We will list the Independent Study on the student’s transcript, but without a grade.

If a school requires the whole course to be covered in the spring semester, has a two-year cycle for a course, or has significantly different course requirements from those of most schools, the student’s needs are most likely to be met with at least a partial tutorial in addition to the class, or a complete tutorial of two or three weekly sessions. There may be an additional fee.

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