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Visitation Guidelines – Updated since Elinor’s email on December 29th

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Group Emails Database:

Introducing the TRY Team (sent December 1st, 2020)

Introducing Aliza & Academics (sent December 8th, 2020)

Are You Ready for TRY? (sent December 21st, 2020)

COVID-19 (sent December 23rd, 2020)

Introducing Elinor (sent December 29th, 2020)

Introducing Hillary (sent December 31st, 2020)

Introducing Miriam (sent January 3rd, 2021)

COVID Update 2 (sent January 4th, 2021)

COVID Update 3 (sent January 10th, 2021)

Reminders & Madrichim (sent January 13th, 2021)

End Date Update (sent January 14th, 2021)

AP/Block Classes Early Start Update (sent January 19th, 2021)

Update From Jonathan (sent January 21st, 2021)

Important Updates (sent January 25th, 2021)

Continued Important Updates (sent January 26th, 2021)

First Orientation in the Books (sent January 28, 2021)

Reminder – Week 1 (sent January 31, 2021)

Start Date Delay #2 (sent February 1, 2021)

ICC Tu Bishvat Tour (sent February 2, 2021)

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