Academic Program

The general studies curriculum includes a full range of courses in English, mathematics, science, history, foreign languages and physical education, for which students receive full credit toward graduation. TRY students are eligible to receive college credits through Gratz College for the Israel Core Course. Academic standards on TRY are exceptionally high. The Jewish Studies curriculum includes an intensive Israel experience and history course, Hebrew, and Judaic studies. Only students who are sufficiently mature and capable of accepting the responsibility of a demanding program are accepted.  

Please download our TRY Course Descriptions for a more detailed description of the courses that we offer.

Students have access to the internet and, in some cases, can arrange for maintaining certain courses through correspondence with their home schools and teachers. Small classes allow students to get to know each other and the faculty very well. Sharing living
quarters and regular group travel fosters a great sense of community amongst the participants. Social and academic skills are honed as the students learn to navigate the sometimes bumpy waters of group living in an academic environment. They develop respect for each other’s privacy, property and different learning styles. Students learn to balance academic, social and environmental stimuli during their experience in Israel. The material covered in each class may vary slightly according to the needs of the students.

Students are placed into courses based on their level and grade. If a minimum course enrollment is not met, or a non-standard course is needed, private or small group tutorials will be made available, sometimes at the expense of the student(s). These students may need to bring a copy of their text book(s) and an appropriate course syllabus. We provide all textbooks listed (unless specifically noted). Students are encouraged to take art, health and/or other electives prior to or upon completion of the program in Israel. Students with laboratory requirements in their home schools are encouraged to complete as many lab hours as possible prior to or upon completion of the program in Israel.

Weekly Class Schedule – מערכת שעות שבועית

Click here  to download a sample weekly class schedule.

All students take the Israel Core Course (ICC), Hebrew, and English. Most students have classes in at least three additional periods, which are indicated by letters A through F. Students regularly have ‘open windows’ in their individual schedules because they do not take a course at every period. 

TRY offers informal evening programs that supplement the academic schedule. These programs are mandatory, but not for school credit. They may include: Israel Night (speakers and topical programs); Cultural Night (drama, art, Israeli dance and music); and Group Night (activities designed to foster group spirit and cohesion). On most Thursday and Saturday evenings students have a free night. In addition, Monday evenings are reserved for homework, with a supervised Study Hall.

Student Requirements

Students on TRY are required to enroll in the following:

  • Israel Core Course: Ancient to Modern History of Israel and the Middle East
  • Hebrew 
  • Jewish Liturgy: History and Philosophy
  • Physical Education

In addition, most students take at least four of the following:

  • English
  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • Foreign Language

We recommend that students take approximately four or five General Studies courses in addition to the Jewish Studies courses.



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