Author: Maya

כ״ז בניסן ה׳תשע״ו (May 5, 2016) L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim

This year on TRY I celebrated Passover in Israel for the first time. I was really excited and was looking forward to not only the kosher for Passover food, but also being able to spend time with family and friends. I was in Jerusalem for the...

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ט״ז בניסן ה׳תשע״ו (April 24, 2016) From Darkness Into Light

As we stepped off the bus on Thursday, April 7th, it was around 4:30 in the morning, and pitch black. The ICC teachers told us not to turn on our flashlights so as to not ruin our "night vision." We gathered our senses outside of...

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כ״ח באדר ב׳ ה׳תשע״ו (April 7, 2016) Poland Journey 2

My experience in Poland has not been at all what I expected. I expected to feel a sudden surge of sadness upon arrival, and to immediately be able to empathize with the six million Jews who perished. But this was not the case. It took...

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כ״ח באדר ב׳ ה׳תשע״ו (April 7, 2016) Poland Journey 1

The most surprising thing about TRY's journey to Poland, and what made the trip so meaningful for me, was discovering that Jewish life in Poland is about life, and not only death. This was demonstrated best on Friday as our group welcomed Shabbat with the Kraków...

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כ״א באדר ב׳ ה׳תשע״ו (March 31, 2016) A Hand, A Name and A Box of Hamentashen

Last Tuesday we visited Yad Vashem as an introduction to our upcoming Poland Masa (Journey). When you first walk into the museum it is striking. The building's triangular shape makes you feel trapped, but it is still light and airy enough so that it creates...

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ז׳ באדר ב׳ ה׳תשע״ו (March 17, 2016) A Step Toward Peaceful Dialogue

An important part of TRY is learning to cope with the violence that often plagues Israel. It is tough for me to adjust to living in a place where violence is almost a daily occurrence. I must constantly prevent myself from becoming numb to the...

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ל׳ באדר א׳ ה׳תשע״ו (March 10, 2016) Being Present in the Desert

One of the things we were lucky enough to experience during our time staying at Kibbutz Ketura was visiting the sand dunes. We have been to lots of desert areas in the country that have been rocky and cold, but this was a chance to...

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