The Chava

Chavat HaNoar HaTzioni חוות הנוער הציוני

TRY is based at the Ramah Israel campus, which is located in the Israel Goldstein Youth Village (the Chava) in the San Simon neighborhood of Jerusalem. The pastoral Chava is a lush, tree-lined campus that is also home to an Israeli boarding school and a high school for French students and includes athletic facilities, a library, infirmary, an indoor pool and a kosher cafeteria. The Chava is completely surrounded by a perimeter security fence, and guards are stationed at any gates where vehicles or people come in or out.

One of the main advantages of our base is that in addition to TRY participants, there will be high school students from Israel and around the world – primarily from Russia, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, and France – living and studying at the “Chava”. The opportunity our students have to interact with others from various backgrounds adds an exciting dimension to the TRY experience, and will undoubtedly give new meaning to the concept of “ingathering”.

The Goldstein Youth Village was founded in 1949.  Zeev Shikler established the Goldstein Youth Village with the help of Yisrael Goldstein from the Jewish Agency who helped raise the money needed through donors.  The original function of the Goldstein Youth Village was to absorb children who survive the Holocaust.  The village, a residential school, was opened a few months after the establishment of the State of Israel with 40 children who were Holocaust survivors.

Today’s residential student body of over 400 students includes a large contingent of new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, kids from France and Morocco, Ethiopians and Israeli born youth.

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