Educational Philosophy

TRY pursues academic excellence, provides inspirational Israel education, instills the values of the Ramah Camping Movement, and facilitates personal growth.


Academic Excellence

  • To provide a high quality educational environment, based on the academic standards of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • To encourage students to expand their horizons in practical and theoretical areas and disciplines
  • To challenge students, faculty and staff to develop positive relationships toward our educational goals
  • To provide the major courses of study for 10th-12th grades
  • To facilitate private tutorials or small classes for subjects that are not generally offered
  • To offer a full range of regular, honors and AP courses as needed for our students
  • To create an educational environment conducive to exploring traditional and innovative/creative methods and technology
  • To offer individuals personal attention and guidance both academically and socially
  • To provide students with continuous assessments of their progress throughout the program
  • To create  an atmosphere whereby students can learn from a variety of sources including: themselves, their peers, counselors, and teachers – while in a dormitory setting far from home and far from parental supervision
  • To offer both the formality of classrooms and the informality of their relationship with teachers and educators who will see their students outside of the classroom as well.


Israel Education

  • To inspire each participant to feel a link in the historical chain of the Jewish people in Israel.
  • To develop a sense of chronology with regard to historical periods and a basic understanding of the major events of each period
  • To familiarize participants with the various philosophies and ideologies that have characterized different historical periods
  • To identify the ways in which the Jewish people have thrived throughout their history, despite the many challenges to their existence
  • To develop the understanding and interest of the participants in the challenges and ideologies of Israel and Zionism today.
  • To expose the participants to the political system of the State of Israel
  • To examine the issues involved in the ongoing Middle East conflict and potential peace process
  • To explore the essential elements of a Jewish State and the conflicts of Religion and State
  • To expose the participants to the wide spectrum of people, communities, and ideologies that comprise Israel today
  • To develop a sense of the culture of Israel, including the Hebrew language, hiking the land,  and the arts
  • To explore issues facing Israel’s economy and environment


Ramah Values

  • To build a model Jewish community, as based on the Camp Ramah Jewish experience, in the context of Israel.
  • To build an insular community (within the backdrop of Israel as the prototype Jewish community),  where halachic (Jewish religious) practice, ritual, and routine are normative and meaningful
  • To offer opportunities for spiritual growth, intellectual challenge, values learning and religious development
  • To utilize role models in a conscious manner to influence the choices and development of students
  • To create an environment where Hebrew is spoken and learned
  • To offer a view of Israel as a society which is built on Jewish law and values
  • To build the sense of connectedness to the larger Jewish world, of the Ramah movement and world Jewry
  • To inspire, motivate, and encourage students to return to their camps and their communities in North America as young leaders and role models
  • To offer contact with Conservative Judaism as a way of life.
  • To expose participants to the Masorti (Israeli Conservative) Movement, its institutions, leaders, and challenges
  • To live an active Conservative Jewish lifestyle, integrating values of  Ramah and Israel
  • To explore issues of pluralism as played out in the political system of Israel
  • To expose participants to variants of Jewish religious law which are unique to being a Conservative Jew in Israel


Personal Growth

  • To encourage the personal growth and fulfillment of each participant through experience and reflection.
  • To provide an appropriate environment (with specific boundaries) which will nurture, challenge, and support the developmental challenges of adolescence
  • To structure a social environment which will meet the needs of adolescents, within the framework of Ramah values
  • To offer opportunities for personal religious and spiritual Jewish growth
  • To encourage participants to develop a personal relationship with Israel
  • To encourage participants to take on new challenges
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