Extra Curricular Activities — פעילויות חברתיות

On TRY, learning takes place on many levels: in the classroom, for general academics; on the field trips with the Israel Core Course; and on all of the experiences outside of school, including community service, programs with Israeli teens, and even free time in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem.  As such, TRY sees extra-curricular activities as central to its program of experiencing Israel and Jerusalem, and offers a variety of group and individual activities.

וועדות Va’adot (Committees)
Central to the experience of a high school leadership program, va’adot give every student the opportunity to contribute to the experience of the program. At the beginning of the program, students sign up to work with the madrichim (counselors) on a number of different va’adot, such as one that organizes tefillot (prayer services), one that arranges special activities for birthdays, one that plans special activities on group Shabbatot, etc. Every student is expected to participate in at least one va’ad.

מפגשים Mifgashim (encounters)
No high school experience in Israel would be complete without meeting Israeli teens, especially not one as comprehensive TRY. While these mifgashim naturally occur on campus–where native Israelis and immigrants from around the world eat together, play sports together, etc—TRY also arranges mifgashim with teens off-campus. Examples of past mifgashim have included a night out with Noam- Israel’s youth movement for Masorti (Conservative Youth), a Shabbat in the homes of teens in the religious community of Efrat, and meeting with Israeli-Arab youth in the north of the country.

התנדבות Hitnadvut (volunteering)
Community service is important to the experience on TRY both because it is a Jewish value and because it helps the students participate more in the Israeli experience. All students participate in some community service projects, including visits with the elderly and working at a soup kitchen, and all students receive 15 community service hours for the full semester. In addition, students wishing to do additional community service during free breaks during the school day can do so if their schedule allows.

פעילות גופנית Sports and Fitness
The Ramah campus has a variety of facilities for sports participation, including a swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a track for running. Students are also able to take initiative in participating in community events, such as past TRY participants who ran in the Jerusalem Half Marathon.

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