Student Welfare

Guidance – ייעוץ

TRY provides social, emotional, medical and psychological support to our students. In addition to our dorm counselors we have a guidance counselor (יועצת) who is a licensed social worker (MSW).  Our guidance counselor is on campus almost every day and works very closely with our students, dorm counselors, and is in touch with parents when needed. Our guidance counselor observes students on how they are doing, both individually and as a group, in all aspects of the program. In addition, the guidance counselor monitors students’ adjustment to the program and its social and academic demands, maintains an open line of communication with parents and guardians, and meets periodically with the student body as a whole. We also facilitate appointments with any specialist that may be needed.

The guidance counselor works closely with the Director and staff to make sure each student is having a successful, healthy, and enjoyable experience, and is involved in the training of counselors prior to and during the program.

Medical – ביטוח וטיפול רפואי

All participants are fully covered for medical care, including doctors’ visits, medications, x-rays, and hospitalization. This coverage extends from the time of arrival in Israel until the end of the TRY program, but does not cover diseases, illnesses, or medical problems resulting from pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, or self-inflicted injuries.

The TRY staff will ensure that all students receive the medical treatment recommended or prescribed by our health care professionals. A doctor comes to our campus approximately once a week or as needed; as needed, we make appointments in nearby medical centers. Counselors accompany students to all medical appointments or tests.

The medical coverage does not include dental, orthodontic, optical, or psychological care. However, Ramah staff will facilitate such appointments if needed, at the participant’s expense. We recommend a complete dental check-up before departure for Israel.

Safety and Security – בטיחות ובטחון

TRY does not compromise on safety, and has earned an outstanding reputation for its strict enforcement of all safety and security procedures.

TRY staff react swiftly and responsibly to any change in circumstances in the field. If certain programs need to be altered, every effort is made to compensate participants with special “extras” somewhere else in the program.

TRY operates with a total commitment to both participants’ well being and their parents’ piece of mind. TRY follows a policy of active, on-going contact with parents throughout the program that includes a weekly update from the Parent Liaison, web page reports and pictures, direct e-mail correspondence and phone availability both in the US and Israel.

TRY’s standard operating procedures include:

  • Strict adherence to the security policies established by Israel’s Ministry of Education, governing all field trips for visiting youth, and in consultation with the Jewish Agency and World Zionist Organization security departments.
  • All field trips are accompanied by licensed security personnel.
  • All field trips are cleared in advance, and then again prior to each day’s program, with the appropriate authorities.
  • Transportation to all programmed activities is handled by chartered buses that keep in constant communication with Ramah personnel through short-wave radio and cellular phones.
  • There is no travel over the “Green Line” except in very specific areas determined safe by Israel’s security services.
  • All participants are given a complete security briefing immediately upon arrival, and provided with a convenient card listing all relevant telephone numbers they may need.