Specialty Tracks for Fall TRYMester


Specialty Tracks

As part of Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim Fall TRYMester, each students will choose a Specialty Track. 

The goals of the TRYMester Specialty Tracks include enabling students to experience a sector of Israeli society from up close. Students will get the chance to understand modern Israel by meeting interesting experts in their field and exploring their specialty in depth. Furthermore, students choose their track ahead of time and will, thus, have the opportunity to view Israel through the lens which interests them most while enhancing their preparation for college.

Our Specialty Tracks include weekly meetings with TRY mentors, as well as a final project which will be graded at the end of the TRYMester and will be included in the student’s academic transcript. The final project’s focus will be determined collaboratively, with the goal of creating a product which will help in evaluating the experience academically as well as providing added value to the overall experience (i.e. a promotional video, presentation, newspaper article etc…).

Specialty mentors coordinate the experience throughout the semester, advising our students and interfacing with external experts in the chosen field.

Specialty Tracks during TRY will offer our students a wonderful opportunity to learn even more about Israeli society while adding to the list of experiences that colleges seek in their candidates.

List of *Proposed Specialties:

  1. Social Justice and Social Action
  2. Culinary Arts
  3. Sports Management
  4. Communications and Media
  5. Art and Film
  6. Robotics and Technology

*Some new specialties may be substituted or added depending upon interest of students.

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