Jewish Life — יהדות וערכים

TRY’s goal is not only to expose our students to life in Israel, but also to create a model Conservative Jewish kehilla (community). Students are given a variety of tools to create both a kehilla, on the program and to help them determine how to live their Jewish lives upon its completion. TRY has an emphasis on the following Jewish values:

תפילה Tefilla (prayer)
There are three daily minyanim (prayer services) on TRY which all students attend. The goals of tefilla are to teach students synagogue skills, to help students develop their spirituality, and to help students learn the meaning behind the prayers in the Jewish tradition. TRY has an emphasis on both traditional and creative tefillot, creating a balance between the Jewish values of kevah (fixed prayer) and kavana (intention during prayer).

כשרות Kashrut
Students and staff will observe kashrut at all times. The dining hall on campus is strictly kosher, as is all food eaten on and off campus for special programs.

שבת Shabbat
As a long-term program, TRY has the opportunity to present many different ways of observing Shabbat. When Shabbat is held on campus, students go out to local Jerusalem synagogues for Friday night and/or Saturday morning services, share three Shabbat meals as a group, have an oneg Shabbat filled with joyous singing, and spend time relaxing and enjoying the campus and their friends. We also celebrate Shabbat in various communities around Israel, in addition to a special Shabbat in Poland (for TRY Classic only). Finally, students will have an opportunity to visit family and friends throughout the country during host and open Shabbatot. Students are are encouraged to share their Shabbat customs and traditions with the group as well as take home new ones.


חגים Chagim (Holidays)
TRY students will experience a number of Jewish and Israeli holidays, including:

Spring semester

  • Attending a Tu Bishvat seder 
  • Celebrating Purim – complete with a costume parade, carnival, megilla readings, and mishloach manot
  • Marking Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) with meaningful ceremonies
  • Celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) on the streets of Jerusalem
  • Experiencing an all-night learning session on Shavuot, followed by sunrise services


Fall Semester

  • Celebrating Rosh Hashanah on campus and at various synagogues in the community (Fall Semester)
  • Walking the empty streets of Jerusalem over Yom Kippur (Fall Semester)
  • During Pesach, students go off to families and friends for Seder, and join the group for the remainder of the holiday, which includes an exciting trip through the Galil
  • During Sukkot, similar to Pesach, students are hosted by family and friends for the first part of the Holiday, joining back together with the group during Chol Hamoed (Fall Semester)


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