Washington State Scholarship: Oranim Samis-TRY fellows

Oranim Samis-TRY fellows

TRY is happy to announce that the Samis Foundation is offering 10 stipends to TRY students from Washington State. Full semester students (18 weeks) will receive a $7,500 stipend and quarter students (8 weeks) will receive $5,000. Students will only be considered for the award after putting down their deposit for TRY and indicating their home address in Washington State. Stipends will be given on a first come, first serve basis.


Interested in joining us for a transformative experience? Simply apply to TRY and indicate that your home address is in Washington State. As soon as you put down a deposit, we will credit you with the stipend! It’s as easy as that –  Click here to apply today!


Oranim Samis-TRY fellows will be required to:

  • Meet several times throughout the semester with Israeli and North American leaders and educators.
  • Write 2-4 blogs throughout the semester, reflecting on their experiences. This will be done with the supervision of a professional writer.
  • Upon returning to their home communities, the fellows will be asked to inspire others to connect with Israel in a meaningful way by sharing with them the impact TRY had on their lives. This should be done through media postings, a sermon in the their home synagogue, running a program in USY or another youth group, hosting an event with their Jewish/Israel club at school, and/or serving as alumni speakers at TRY open houses in the community.
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