Sweet Tooth by Sari Dashefsky (April 2019)

ט״ו באלול ה׳תשע״ט (September 15, 2019) Sweet Tooth by Sari Dashefsky (April 2019)

While in Israel these past few months, I have fallen in love with the Marzipan Bakery in the shuk. So while in the shuk on Election Day, I just knew I had to stop in and buy some of their delicious rugelach. After I paid for my warm box of chocolate heaven, I was ecstatic to take my first bite. What made this sweet treat even more delightful was that the man who sold me the rugelach had his own interesting story to share.

Amit works at Marzipan. You might recognize him from his warm smile, made up of four broken teeth, which have been like that since he was two. Amit prefers shakshuka over falafel and believes that you should always be yourself…unless you can be Batman. His dark hair is the same color of the chocolate inside Marzipan rugelach. Amit voted for the Zehut party in the election — despite believing that Likud is the best — because of how strongly Zehut was doing in the polls. (However, when the votes were counted, Zehut didn’t even make it into the Knesset.)

Amit’s job is to help customers like me delight in the sweetness of Marzipan, but many people pay for their treats without talking to him. However, I learned that Amit has his own unique sweetness that cannot be baked in an oven. We do not often acknowledge or think much about the people we briefly interact with, but in the moment I got to know Amit a bit, I truly saw the effect that each person around me has on the world.

Jerusalem is made up of people with all different backgrounds and ideas to share. Each person you pass on the street has their own story to tell, and you would be surprised how willing people are to share their stories. From now on when I am in a big place like the shuk, I will be sure to value the individuals that make the space so special.

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