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TRY Summer | Earn College Credit | Explore Israel | Live Like a Local

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What is TRY Summer?

A 6-week, academic experience in which participants can earn college credits while living, exploring, volunteering, and traveling through the Land of Israel.


Program Highlights:

  • Attend local cultural events in and around Jerusalem
  • Volunteer with local youth, food distribution centers and more
  • Explore Jerusalem’s natural springs
  • Experience Jerusalem sports (when available)
  • Tour the best hummus restaurants in Jerusalem
  • Live in the heart of Jerusalem on our TRY campus for four weeks
  • Earn 3 college credits through Gratz College of Philadelphia



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What makes TRY Summer different?

There is no other place in the world like Jerusalem. Students will spend significant time in the city, living at the Goldstein Youth Village for a month as they volunteer, explore the city, meet with and learn from a variety of Jerusalemites, and learn about Jerusalem’s rich culture, history, archeology, geography, and politics.

In addition to exploring Jerusalem, and being an active part of the Jerusalem neighborhood, students will spend one week exploring the North. They will have several day trips to the center of the country, including to the vibrant, bustling city of Tel Aviv and will end their time in Israel by living on a Kibbutz in the Negev (South) where they will learn what it means to live in an intentional Jewish community.

Students take part in “Jerusalem in all its Glory and Complexity” a course in which participants learn about Jerusalem in the context of 4,000 plus years of Jewish history. In the course, students experience and study the culture and diversity of the city and understand its place in the world throughout the centuries. Students’ participation in this course will not only result in a greater understanding of Jewish history and Jerusalem but will also earn the student three college credits through Gratz College of Philadelphia.

Participants will finish the summer with 3 college credits and a high school transcript for participation on field trips.

TRY Summer participants will have the quintessential “TRY experience,” as they make Israel their classroom for this six-week adventure!


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This is not your average Israel summer experience!

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Dates & Rates

June 26-August 8, 2022

Poland Add-On June 19-June 26, 2022


What’s included?

  • Round trip flights from the New York area
  • Full room and board
  • Three transferable college credits from Gratz College in Philadelphia
  • High School credit
  • Medical Insurance
  • All attractions and sites in Israel


Not included:

  • Domestic flights (and connections from Canada)
  • 8-day Poland Journey (Optional)
  • Spending money

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TRY Summer prices include round-trip group flight* from the New York area, fees and taxes, all room and board, health insurance, entry fees, group t-shirt, photo, and laundry. Prices do not include the transportation to or from the NY Airport, travel insurance, spending money for gifts, games, books, snacks or any optional purchases.

All prices for these programs are in US Dollars and all payments must be made in USD.

$11,720* TRY Summer
$3,450* Poland Journey Add on

*Please note that tuition has been set with consideration of anticipated 2021 prices in fuel, land, and travel costs. If a significant change occurs in costs (especially with regard to airfare), an adjustment of tuition may be made to offer the program without compromising its quality


We are offering 3 additional group flight options supplementary costs are:

$400 – Round trip from LAX airport
$250 – Round trip from YYZ airport
$150 – Round trip from ORD airport




Each participant will be eligible for a RootOne* Voucher (R1V) subsidy in the amount of $3,000 this coming kayitz, to ensure greater participation in our program! This significant reduction to our price will enable us to connect, explore and grow together in Israel.  More information regarding this subsidy to follow. By opting into this voucher, participants will be expected to participate in online assignments prior to the summer.

*RootOne is seeded through the generosity of The Marcus Foundation, and is powered by The Jewish Education Project. Please visit for more information.

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